Anson Mount opens up about Star Trek: Discovery


There’s been plenty of news about the latest actor to play Christopher Pike in season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. A few weeks ago it was announced that Anson Mount had been cast in the iconic role.

Mount will be the fourth actor to take the role. Pike was first played Jeffery Hunter in The Original Series pilot. Sean Kenney took over for the episode “The Menagerie.” Bruce Greenwood played the character in the Kelvin timeline movies. Mount will take over the character starting next year presumably in the first episode as Discovery had just answered a distress call from the Pike helmed Enterprise.

After the actor was announced as the new Pike there’s been very little in terms of Mount’s thoughts on joining the iconic franchise. He addressed the pressure and prospects on the podcast he co-hosts with Branan Edgens, The Well.

"It’s crazy, man. Getting cast in Star Trek is not like getting any other job. It’s also kind of like a rite of passage that very few actors get to enjoy. It’s nuts because you’re not just joining a cast, you’re joining cultural touchstone, a big family."

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Mount also talked about the scale of a show such as Star Trek: Discovery, comparing it to other projects he’s worked on: It’s also the biggest production I’ve ever been a part of, and I don’t just mean TV production, I mean anything.” Before Discovery Mount was a part of AMC’s Hell on Wheels and Marvel’s Inhumans on ABC.

What are you hoping Mount brings to the character? Are you even happy that Discovery is bringing Pick back to the small screen? Let us know. Also, check out more Discovery news here and here.