Star Trek Short Treks available to the rest of the world on Netflix


For the past four months audiences in North America have enjoyed each new episode of the companion series to Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Short Treks and as of today the rest of the world can see it on Netflix.

Netflix announced today that it has brought the wonderful short format series Star Trek Short Treks to its international service as a part of its promise to be the home of Star Trek Discovery for everyone outside of North America.

Tip: Thanks to @StaticWarpBubbl on Twitter for pointing out that the short form series is somewhat hidden in the “Trailers & More” section of Star Trek Discovery. 

What are Short Treks?

For or those who are unaware Star Trek Short Treks episodes act as personal and seemingly unconnected character studies for various characters related to Star Trek Discovery.

Short Treks Runaway (Full Review)

An episode entirely focusing on Ensign Tilly as she does battle with an invisible force in the mess hall aboard the Discovery.

Short Treks Calypso (Full Review)

I can’t say enough good things about this episode, we meed a new character named Craft, an unknown man who wakes up aboard a far more advanced version of the Discovery.

Short Treks The Brightest Star (Full Review)

In another biographical episode we meet a young Saru (Doug Jones) and find out why he is the only one of his kind to join Starfleet.

Short Treks The Escape Artist (Full Review)

Who doesn’t love Harry Mudd? In this episode we watch a wheeling and dealing Harry try to talk his way out of a bounty hunters clutches, it’s a brilliant look at the character and has a great twist ending. Needless to say we haven’t seen the last of Harry Mudd.

More to come….

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We also learned recently that two more episodes of Star Trek Short Treks will be coming soon, stay tuned to Redshirts Always Die for more information as it becomes available.