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Star Trek Deep Space 9 Rom

Max Grodénchik as Grand Nagus Rom
Last Appearance Star Trek Deep Space Nine (1999)

It took four seasons for Rom’s hidden genius to emerge during the run of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, a slow burn that at times left Max Grodénchik wondering if he was a week to week character waiting to be written out or truly a member of the cast, as time went on and Rom grew as a character it became obvious that he was not only one of the stars of the show, but also a fan favourite character.

Who didn’t love the reveal that this mad genius, who could fix a holosuite with a spatula and some spare bits of bartenders tools was on the level of a true Starfleet engineer who have the reputation of being able to turn rocks into replicators, and Max played the character to perfection at every turn, always quietly hitting at the truth behind his nervous and subservient exterior.

Rom went on to make fools of anyone who thought he didn’t have the lobes for business as he surpassed even his more cut-throat brother Quark’s wildest dreams becoming the Grand Nagus of the Farengi Alliance, one of the most powerful people in the entire Alpha Quadrant.

With the fall of the Romulan’s the Ferengi will no doubt have room to expand their reach, and possibly even offer homes to some of the victims of the supernova, for a reasonable profit of course, so it would only make sense that we might just run into Rom during the run of Star Trek Picard.