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Star Trek The Next Generation Captains HolidayCopyright Paramount CBS

Jennifer Hetrick as Vash
Last Appearance Star Trek Deep Space Nine (1993)

Picard may not have been aware that he was displaying his wish to seek jamaharon, in fact he didn’t even know what it was, when the treasure hunting Vash approached him on the pleasure planet Risa during the Captain’s Holiday seeking to recruit him as a unknowing participant in her plan to retrieve the legendary Tox Uthat.

Although her future appearances would be limited to just one more Star Trek The Next Generation episode featuring a Q created trip to Sherwood Forrest and a Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode where we would learn more about her continuing adventures with Q through the galaxy she always seemed to hold a stronger relationship with Captain Picard then we would see through the quantity of appearances she made, after all it’s not just any woman who could so infatuate the Captain.

It would seem likely that with the fall of the Romulan Star Empire Vash might just spot an opportunity to visit some previously inaccessible archeological sites along, inside or across the former neutral zone and that such an adventure may just force her to once again run in to Picard in whatever his new found role is in the Star Trek universe.