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Star Trek First Contact Worf Copyright Paramount CBS

Michael Dorn as Lt. Commander Worf
Last Appearance Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

The most prolific character in franchise history Lt. Commander Worf has made appearances in 277 episodes, 4 movies (Not to mention his appearance as Colonel Worf in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country) and several video games, Michael Dorn has been an outspoken proponent of launching a third series for his character, often entitled Star Trek The Worf Chronicles and was one of the first to come out expressing his interest in reprising his role in Star Trek Picard.

While many have feared Worf’s inclusion in any future series would create something too similar to Star Trek The Next Generation he did manage to continue on as the character for three seasons of Deep Space Nine without damaging the characters popularity, and acting as a positive force among the crew of the station silencing many of his detractors.

As Worf was given the post of Federation Ambassador to Qo’nos at the request of Chancellor Martok during the conclusion of Deep Space Nine and the Klingons would no doubt be in someway involved with any relief efforts following the Romulan supernova, not to mention that they would likely want to expand into the former Romulan territory it would seem to be a no brainer that Worf could easily cross paths with his former Captain again during the run of his new series.