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Christopher Pike

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Captain Pike was originally played by Jeffrey Hunter in the original pilot and later replaced by Sean Kenney who would appear as the badly injured version of Captain Pike confined to a wheelchair, and later by Bruce Greenwood and Anson Mount in subsequent appearances.

Despite the failed series pilot the character of Captain Christopher Pike remained in the revamped  The Original Series lore as a previous Captain of the same ship, he would return to the screen in the two-part episode The Menagerie in which we learned how his story ended, or at least where it would end.

During the 2009 relaunch of the original series as alternate timeline movies Bruce Greenwood took on the role of Captain and later Admiral Pike in both Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness, Greenwood was well received in the role, though the character was unfortunately killed before he could make an appearance in the third movie of the franchise.

Currently Anson Mount has the role of  Captain Pike, serving as the Commanding Officer of the USS Discovery in the second season of Discovery CBS All-Access, in which we’re getting a great deal of insight into what a series starring Captain Pike may have looked like in the first place, he’s also now joined on screen by his original science officer, Mr. Spock.