Preview: Star Trek: Year Five No. 2 from IDW


The untold story of the final year of the Enterprise’s original mission continues in this preview of the second issue of Star Trek: Year Five.

One of the biggest questions fan ask about Star Trek, other than “Why the hell didn’t anybody know about all these brothers and sisters Spock had?” is what happened during at the end of the original Enterprise‘s five-year mission?

The first three years were covered by the Original Series and many consider the stories told in Star Trek: The Animated Series to make up the fourth. Which leaves us with the fifth year and a wealth of untold tales of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

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As a result, many fans were thrilled when IDW Publishing announced that they would be covering that final year in a new comic book series titled Star Trek: Year Five. Not an ongoing but not quite a limited series either, the plan is for the title to run for two years with every two issues forming an “episode” of a new Star Trek season.

This Wednesday the first “episode” concludes with Star Trek: Year Five No. 2.

Written by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly with art and cover by Stephen Thompson, Year Five No. 2 continues the story of an annihilated Tholian settlement and Kirk having to deal with the a Tholian Destroyer who thinks the Enterprise is responsible.

Pretty intense, no?

From the IDW solicitation:

"As the last year of their original mission begins, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise will have to use all of the skills they’ve acquired along the way as they prepare to face the biggest challenge of their lives—a dark threat that doesn’t just threaten their existence, but the existence of the entire Federation as well…"

dark. Next. Mulgrew not sure if she would play Janeway again

The first issue of Year Five showed an incredible amount of promise. A comic book series is just about the perfect way to tell this story and IDW has embraced the idea and ran with it. Here’s hoping they can maintain the quality as the series goes on.

Star Trek: Year Five No. 2 goes on sale in comic shops and on digital decices this Wednesday and includes a variat cover by J.J. Lendl.