Who is Dahj from the Star Trek: Picard trailer?

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Image: Paramount

Dahj is Data’s daughter Lal

During the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation Data figured out a way to create a progeny, a new type of android that would eventually take the name Lal. After a brief time living on the Enterprise, Lal ceased to function due to an onset of emotion and Data would eventually download her memories into his own neural net so she could live on in him.

Given that Data, or more likely B4, another Soong-type android introduced in Star Trek: Nemesis, makes an appearance at the end of the Picard trailer, it has gotten some fans thinking Dahj could be Lal reborn. Especially since Data transferred all his experiences and memories into B4 before he died saving Picard on the Scimitar.

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Who would have rebuilt Lal and how they would have transferred her memories into a new body is anyone’s guess. In addition why she would feel safe while with Picard honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering he didn’t even know her that well or spend any real time with her. However, given this is Star Trek, anything is really possible.

Of course, the fact that Dahj has a nasty cut on her forehead when she meets Picard kind of rules out this theory. Data never could bleed and no matter how advanced the science of androids has come in the 20 years since Nemesis, an android that can bleed from a gash of the head serves no real purpose.

We’re going to call this theory a long shot, but it still could have some merit, especially if Data ends up playing a larger role in the first season of Picard than expected.