Star Trek: Rosario Dawson wants to play a Q-continuum character in Picard

Rosario Dawson has stated that playing Q in Star Trek would be a dream come true but could she really pull off such a dynamic type of character?

Rosario Dawson wants to play a Q. That and a roll in Star Wars: The Mandalorian are the only two roles she feels she needs to complete her legacy. She went as far to say that if she were to land roles on both Star Wars and Star Trek properties, namely on Picard with Patrick Stewart, Dawson would retire from acting.

As a fan of Dawson’s, I hope that’s just her being hyperbolic.

Though there are rumors of her landing on the Mandolorian and if she does that would be fantastic. She and Zoe Saldana are nerd-queens to many fans. So whenever those two get to join iconic franchises, that’s nothing but a good thing.

Dawson hopes to play a member of the Q-continuum if she ever does land a Trek role. There have been a few actors to play members fo the Continuum, but John de Lancie is the most iconic of the characters. We’ve had Female Q, Q Jr, a Q general and of course, just Q.

…my dad said I should be Q. Because male Q, female Q, young Q. They are all just Q. It’s the Q continuum. It would be great. Then I could jump on Discovery and I can be on Picard. I just want to be on with Jean-Luc Picard.

Dawson would provide a unique take on a Q. They’re one of the lesser-known races in all of Star Trek, and to see another member of that species popping up causing mischief and mayhem would be a delight. Dawson should be wise however to make this new character not just unique, but different. The Q that de Lancie played could not be replaced, duplicated or changed. It is holy tied to his performance and his version of the character.

It’s like James Earl Jones with Darth Vader. When the sad day comes and Jones leaves us, the character should never again be heard or played by another person. The same goes for de Lancie. If it’s not him, leave that version of Q on the shelf and let Dawson the freedom and creativity to create someone or something wholly unique.

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