Pretend like you’re Scott Bakula’s Captain Jonathan Archer with this jacket

Discover Dizller's Captain Jonathan Archer jacket on Amazon.
Discover Dizller's Captain Jonathan Archer jacket on Amazon. /

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Many fans have speculated that Scott Bakula will be reprising his role as Captain Jonathan Archer from Star Trek: Enterprise on the new CBS All Access show, Star Trek: Picard. Though this rumor isn’t confirmed yet, it is still fun to think about how that would work out. For those out there missing Captain Jonathan Archer and the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, you can now relive them with this jacket which is available on Amazon for $69.

Captain Jonathan Archer’s uniform was a jumpsuit that reminds us of many NASA suits today. Wearing a jumpsuit in everyday life has its challenges. Opting for a jacket is a much easier way to reprise this character’s iconic look.

Discover Dizller's Captain Jonathan Archer jacket on Amazon.
Discover Dizller’s Captain Jonathan Archer jacket on Amazon. /

Complete with a patch showing the Sigma encircled with the saying Star Fleet Mission Control Res Gesta Per Excellentiam and the famous yellow shoulder designs to show you’re the captain, you’ll feel ready to command the Enterprise. Pretend you’re talking with T’Pol or hanging out with Trip Tucker. As you rewatch the show, you can now look like you’re the captain of the Starfleet. As you wait for Scott Bakula to make his reappearance into the Star Trek universe, you can wear this jacket and speculate how he and Jean-Luc Picard would get along, captain to captain.

Recreate your favorite scenes from Star Trek: Enterprise with this jacket which is now available on Amazon for $69, so make sure to check it out and catch up on Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access before Scott Bakula makes his possible return to our screens.