Star Trek Prodigy: Series will debut on Paramount+ before Nickelodeon

Pictured: Art for Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved.
Pictured: Art for Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved. /

Despite the series being announced for Nickelodeon, it appears as though the new Star Trek series, entitled Prodigy, will be making its way over to Paramount+ first. For some unknown reason, Prodigy will air all ten episodes on Paramount+ before ever airing on Nickelodeon. A bizarre shift from what was previously announced.

The series will be a landmark of sorts for the franchise. It will feature a group of non-Starfleet youngsters, who discover a Federation ship and essentially commandeer it. The show will be the first of its kind to feature an entire cast made up entirely of aliens.

It’s the third animated series, following Star Trek: The Animated Series and Lower Decks. Unlike Lower Decks; which was a sophomoric series, designed to appeal to the Rick and Morty fanbase, Prodigy will be aimed at an all-age types crowd. The series will be designed with kids in mind but ViacomCBS execs have to know that fans of all ages will watch this series.

It’s going to feature the return of Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway, who has already confirmed that she’s going to be part of the first two seasons of the show. That seems to be the way these shows are made, greenlit with two seasons minimum. So it makes sense that Prodigy already has a second season, as the previous shows have all had two-season launch orders.

Janeway won’t be the only returning character, as Billy Campbell will reprise his role as Thadiun Okona from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

No word if Campbell’s Okona will be the only minor character return to the franchise. There’s also no real word, yet, on when this series is supposed to take place. Lower Decks is set right after Star Trek: Nemesis, while Picard is several decades later. Discovery was in between Enterprise and the original series, while Strange New Worlds will fall in the same time slot, now that Discovery is in the far future.

There are still so many unanswered questions about Prodigy.

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