Add to your Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” Christmas with two new Hallmark ornaments

Discover Hallmark's Spock Keepsake ornament on Amazon.
Discover Hallmark's Spock Keepsake ornament on Amazon. /

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Even though we’re still five months away from officially celebrating Christmas, it’s never too early to plan your decorations, especially if you’re looking to top your 2020 festivities. Earlier this month, Hallmark’s 2021 Keepsake Ornaments went on sale, featuring decorations based on iconic movies, TV shows, video games, and more. But it’s the newly released Star Trek ornaments that really stole the show.

Last year, Hallmark debuted three ornaments featuring Captain Kirk and lieutenants Uhura and Sulu, inspired by the Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror” from the second season of the original series. Each decoration featured the characters in the outfits they wore in the episode, complete with lights and sounds that helped each one spring to life at the push of a button.

Discover Hallmark's Pavel Chekov Keepsake ornament on Amazon.
Discover Hallmark’s Pavel Chekov Keepsake ornament on Amazon. /

For 2021, Hallmark has added two new ornaments from the same episode to complete the set. This time, you’ll find Spock sporting a villainous goatee and Pavel Chekov ready with a phaser. Both of these new ornaments also feature light and sounds effects, so they’ll work perfectly with the rest of the crew from last year. Each ornament measures at about 5.5 inches tall and operate through Hallmark’s Keepsake Power Cord (no batteries required). To finish off your Star Trek-themed tree, don’t forget the light-up U.S.S. Enterprise NC-1701 topper.

Whether you’re looking to complete your “Mirror, Mirror” ornaments set or want to start collecting from scratch, you can find all these decorations on Amazon. For more fun around the holidays, make sure to check out this Star Trek version of Catan that promises enough entertainment to last until the new year. Or you can catch up on your favorite Star Trek shows from Paramount+.