Star Trek is canonizing the comics, starting with an homage to the Watchmen

Star Trek’s newest stories are canon according to the IDW comic writers.

When it comes to Star Trek and the comics they publish, the debate about whether they’re canon or not has been discussed quite a bit. For the most part, these books are not canon, even if they sometimes pull from canon sources. That’s always been the case, but with the newest set of books, and the upcoming new mini-series, that seems to be changing.

At New York Comic Con, the IDW panel which included Star Trek comic writer Jackson Lanzing revealed to the fans (and Daily Star Trek that the new stories for the brand will in fact be canon.

Star Trek has made a real dedication toward all of the books in the Star Trek line being canon and operating not only inside what is happening inside on the shows currently and what happened in the shows in the past but what is going to happen in the shows moving forward.”

This comes on the heels of a new comic book called Star Trek: Day of Blood. The book will seemingly pit Worf, Lore, Ro Laren, and others against Captain Benjamin Sisko who has returned from the wormhole (which is now canon).

As an interesting bit of comic appreciation, there is stark parallels to Day of Blood’s first comic cover to that of the iconic cover art from Watchmen #1. This may be a bit of a foreboding fact, as it could mean that Starfleet blood will be spilled and that an icon of the franchise may be killed off.

If you’re curious about the upcoming Day of Blood crossover book by IDW, there’s a free preview book coming out on May 6, 2023, which you can get at your local comic shops.

Will Star Trek recognize these comics down the line?

Now, this normally wouldn’t be such a big deal, canonizing something, yet with Sisko’s return being involved, one has to wonder if this will be honored down the line. If Sisko gets a live-action return, will it reference his return in the book?

Or is this a sign that the franchise has decided to be done with Avery Brooks and move on from the actor that brought Sisko to life?

Who knows.