Tabletop game Star Trek Adventures adds Lower Decks to their game

Star Trek Adventure fans get ready for a little Lower Decks into your life.

Tabletop gaming is a growing market these days, and more and more board games designed for more advanced gamers are hitting the markets in bigger numbers. No longer reserved for your local game or hobby shop, huge tabletop games are making their way to places like Target and the like. Just about every media empire has a tabletop game these days.

Including but not limited to, Star Trek. Their game is called Star Trek Adventures, originally released in 2017, the game is a tabletop RPG and allows you to take command of various characters from across Trek, including Captains James Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Kathryne Janeway, and Jonathan Archer. As well as beloved second-in-command types like Spock, Will Riker, Kira Nerys, Chakotay, and T’Pol. Just about every major character from across the first five live-action shows can be used, including Nurse Chapel, Natasha Yar, Elim Garak, Seven of Nine, and Thy’lek Shran.

So it’s not surprising that the game is expanding once again to include the crew of Lower Decks. The game is including a digital-only expansion for Lower Decks fans that is available now.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is coming to Star Trek Adventures

From Star;

Hot off the conclusion of the third season of the critically-acclaimed series, Modiphius will support the Lower Decks fun, irreverent, and comedic tone and style with the following line of products, with releases scheduled throughout 2023:

Lower Decks digital crew packs for Season 1 and Season 2 (with Season 3 to release later in 2023), including playable main and supporting characters pulled from the series and playable game statistics for the U.S.S. Cerritos. Contributing writers include Star Trek Adventures regular contributors Tilly and Susan Bridges, Michael Dismuke, Chris McCarver, and Aaron M. Pollyea.
A Lower Decks-themed digital standalone adventure titled Lurkers, written by veteran Star Trek novelist and regular Star Trek Adventures contributor Christopher L. Bennett.

A free digital missions brief pack written by contributing writer Michael Dismuke. This pack includes 10 high-level mission outlines, all including the quirky Lower Decks style of humor you can add to your campaigns.

All this leads up to the summer 2023 release of the full-size, 240 page full-color hardcover supplement, Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide, packed full of information about bringing the Lower Decks tone and style of humor into your Star Trek Adventures campaigns and adventures, information about life on the lower decks of Starfleet and other polities, new spaceframes, eight new playable alien species, new equipment, and more content than you can shake a gumato at!

You can order any of the Lower Decks items at but be warned that if you purchase any of the figures you see, you’ll need a 3-D printer to print them out. They don’t sell stand-alone figures, so you’ll need to get a 3-D printer if you want to use actual miniatures or find them on a site like, where they’ll send you un-painted miniatures for a bit extra.