Paramount Global is finally bringing back Star Trek to Paramount+

Paramount Global is finally rectifying an issue they caused to Star Trek and Paramount+

Aside from the new Star Trek shows, there’s little reason for a Trek fan to subscribe to Paramount+.  All of the classic episodes can be watched on Heroes and Icons or on PlutoTV. The offering of science fiction content beyond Star Trek is minimal at best, and for some reason, the Star Trek films, one of the big reasons to subscribe to the service, were removed from the platform.

By removing the films from the platform, the idea was they could lease out the films to other streaming services and networks and make a pretty penny on the deal. That only served to anger the fanbase, however. With subscriber counts low, a decline in money available for new projects, and a temporary work-stoppage due to the writer’s strike, it looks like Paramount Global is fixing at least one of the issues with the streaming service.

It was announced by Paramount+ that thefirst 10 Star Trek films will in fact be returning to Paramount+ after being removed from the service in October of 2022.

Why is Paramount+ bringing back the Star Trek films now?

While fans could watch the J.J. Abrams Trek films on Paramount+ since October, losing out on the first 10 films in the franchise, including the three best in the eyes of many (Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country, and First Contact), really upset fans. It made it seem like Paramount+ didn’t really care about retaining subscribers and that besides the new content, there wasn’t a reason to keep a subscription in the down months when Trek wasn’t airing.

Now, with the goal to trim costs, up subscriber counts, and finally become profitable, it appears as though the service is realizing they need to find ways to keep subscribers engaged on a month-to-month basis, even if there isn’t new content coming out.

We know that Star Terk is the top trending and most watched property on the service, even more so than the Yellowstone franchise, so making sure all Trek property is in-house is just a wise business move.

In actuality, the move is probably more serendipitous than anything, with the contract with the other outlets that were hosting the films probably coming to an end at the end of May, and Paramount Global opting to not extend it, thereby bringing the films back under the Paramount banner.

However, when the financials of the company balance out and the economy settles, I fully expect that the Trek movies will be on the move once again, so watch them while you can.