Star Trek fan is building a 40ft long USS Enterprise model

An ambitious Star Trek fan working on the biggest model of the USS Enterprise in the world. 

Star Trek fans have been known for their creativity, from recreating the USS Enterprise in their basements and another getting even more innovative with his office building. Now, a Denmark fan, Mike Nevitt, is taking on the original Enterprise, building a 1:25 scale model in his apartment.

Nevitt told the Washington Post that the model will be 40 feet long and 11 feet high which would make it the biggest in the world. And he’s allowing fans to see his creation as he uploads regular videos to his Youtube channel which has an appropriate tagline: A five-year mission to boldly build what no man has ever built before. And he’s already six months into the challenge.

Building the USS Enterprise takes skills that Mike Nevitt has perfected over the years.

Nevitt built his first model when he was only eight-years-old. Using the inside of an empty cornflakes box, he built the interior of a space ship. And holding the box up to his eyes and looking inside was magic to him and fueled his desire to continue to build which is why the interior of his Copenhagen apartment is filled with virgin cardboard, colored markers, and X-ACTO knives.

Nevitt is working on the Enteprise full-time (and how many fans would like to say that?), creating test models of the corridors, the crew quarters, and the shuttle craft hangars. And though his family lovinginly thinks he’s nuts, he’s in this for the long haul.

Nevitt knows that building a 1:25 scale model of the Enteprise “is crazy, but it’s crazy in the best of ways. For me, what would be crazy would be just to go to a regular job where I’m driving to work, doing a 9-to-5 job, and driving back home again. I couldn’t do that.”

Raising money through a Patreon account, Nevitt will build donors their own 1:25 scale rooms aboard the ship, with his latest video providing more details about what you can expect if you become a patron.

“You too can become an official crewmember with private quarters on board the ship. Your name will be on the door and you can even have several personal artifacts in your quarters. You simply sign up to my Patreon as 40 other crewmembers already have and closer to the time of the finished build I recreate the special items you request in 1:25 scale to go in your quarters. You will even receive via post a certificate of your official status as a crewmember of the ship! Join the project, support the mission and let’s get The Big E up to warp 8! I’d love to welcome you aboard! The link is below 😉”