We'd love for the cast of Star Trek: Enterprise to get another run, but how?

Can Star Trek: Enterprise really be brought back in some form in 2024?

15th Annual Official Star Trek Convention
15th Annual Official Star Trek Convention / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

Star Trek: Enterprise had one of the worst endings in not only Star Trek history but in all of television history. It was mishandled and maligned and the focus was taken off the core cast and given to characters who weren't even part of the series prior to that moment.

The terrible ending has caused fans to lament the failings of Star Trek: Enterprise's conclusion, especially because many felt that it came too soon. The fifth season was going to lead directly into the Romulan/Federation war and the storytelling out of that season was expected to be top-notch.

With the show now 20 years past its finale, and there being too much time in between the finale and how to properly do a Romulan war arc, even as a special, there seems to be no way to get this cast back without mucking up time somehow. Sure, you could do a 20-years later series, focusing on how everyone is doing following the war, but that can only offer up fans lamenting the show's finale so much.

Despite how difficult it would be to do a new series with these actors and actresses, or even just a cameo, there's a push for it to happen. There's a push to get T'Pol on Strange New Worlds, while Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating both saying, quite enthusiastically, that they would return to Star Trek if they were asked to do so. John Billingsley, who played Dr. Phlox on the show, would also like to return and believes his character would be alive during the current timeline of shows.

Just about everyone from Enterprise wants another crack at Star Trek glory and why not? A lot of storylines were left hanging and fans were left without resolution to so many possible plot lines. It's not likely to happen, not without a serious groundswell of support from fans, but if it did happen, we think an animated mini-series would be the best move.

With the actors aging 20 years is a bit much to reverse on screen, doing an animated mini-series about the Romulan/Federation war and then maybe a live-action movie on Paramount+ (or wherever Star Trek ends up) to close out the story for good would be the perfect way to go.