AMC thinks The Walking Dead could last as long as Star Trek


AMC CEO Josh Sapan revealed says that he thinks ‘The Walking Dead’ has the potential to run for as long as Star Trek.

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AMC CEO Josh Sapan thinks The Walking Dead could last as long as Star Trek. According to Time Sapan made the bold prediction during Goldman Sachs annual Communacopia Conference.

"“[Star Trek] came and went three times, we do think that we have a franchise [in The Walking Dead] that is one of the rare franchises that you occasionally come across in what we do for a living” said Sapan."

Now before we fall over laughing let’s look at Sapan’s comments and see if they have any credence. The Walking Dead is an insanely popular franchise and it has certainly lasted a long time and stayed at the top among cable TV shows for a long time. The Walking Dead has also spawned a spinoff in “Fear The Walking Dead.” So for it’s first run popularity it’s at least as popular as Trek and it has a spinoff, but…

One of the reasons Star Trek has lasted is that it shows a positive future for humanity, it shows a world where humans have found a better way through science. Star Trek also deals head on with social issues from the real world. Then there’s the fact that Star Trek inspires real life scientists and real life scientific advances and inventions. All of these are reasons why Star Trek is, in our opinion, the greatest science fiction franchise of all time.

So despite The Walking Dead being a popular show, we doubt it’s still around in fifty years, much less working on launching its sixth series or its 13th feature film.

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