The Circuit, a film about Cons starring Star Trek alums


A new film about cons starring many Star Trek alums called ‘The Circuit’ has hit Kickstarter in hopes of raising $200,000 dollars.

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There are always quite a few Star Trek related projects on Kickstarter, and somehow Tim Russ seems to be in all of them. The Circuit is a film about cons, the stars who attend them, and the fans that love them.

The film is set to feature a plethora of Star Trek alums including Tim Russ, Armin Shimerman, Terry Farrell, Robert Picardo, Walter Koenig, John Billingsley, Ethan Phillips, JG Hertzler, Olivia D’Abo, Robert O’Reilly, Hana Hatae and Robert Beltran.  The film is the brainchild of Manu Intiraymi, who Trekkies know as Icheb from Star Trek: Voyager.

That’s a lot of really fantastic Star Trek alums in one project, but as we’ve seen with Star Trek Renegades, just having Star Trek alums doesn’t make a project.

The film has a Kickstarter video, though it looks a bit amateurish and I’m still not quite sure what the film is about other than just “cons” and “anthology film.”

This sentence from the Kickstarter really didn’t clear it up for me…

"“The very first professional feature length, convention based, multi genre, anthology film in the history of hollywood.”"

Go check out The Circuit’s Kickstarter for yourself and maybe support a Trek heavy project!

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