No Man’s Sky being investigated for false advertising


Massive hype failure and video game No Man’s Sky is being investigated for false advertising due to claims made about the game before its release.

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No Man’s Sky is a massive failure, there’s no other way to put it. We had high hopes that this could be the game that gave us the space exploration we feel of Star Trek, but in video game form, but those dreams turned out to be fool’s gold.

No Man’s Sky didn’t deliver on so many of the promises the game, its studio, and its creator made before the release. Things like the game being multiplayer, having massive space battles, having desert and frozen worlds, base building, and just in general not having a million bugs.

Not carrying through on those promises may now cost the game and possibly Playstation even more as Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority is now opening up an investigation of the game according to GameZone.

Being slammed for false advertising would be a first for a major video game and it’s worth watching how this might effect the gaming industry, including Star Trek games.

Read more at GameZone.

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