Q & A With Patrick Stewart


The charming and talented Patrick Stewart did a Twitter Q&A with his fans today in honor of Blunt Talk’s season 2 premiere, and it was wonderful.

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Patrick Stewart sat down at his computer today for an ask me anything session with his fan on Twitter in honor of tonight’s season 2 premiere of Blunt Talk.

Check out the charming Sir Patrick in action…

Well that’s one mystery solved.

Sir Patrick isn’t just about champagne you know…

Except he is drinking champagne today.

Look the man is classy as hell ok?

Sir Patrick is always down for a Strongbow.

Or a good martini…

And he knows that James Bond is drinking a chipped ice watered down mess.

Sir Patrick enjoys his recent run of comedy roles.

But he loves to play a good villain.

Who wouldn’t like a hug from Wolverine?

Patrick Stewart as Pablo Picasso would be incredible, someone needs to make this happen!

Sir Patrick also encouraged a young thespian.

And he took time to rock the vote.

Patrick Stewart is always a delight. You can see the rest of his Q&A on his Twitter feed and be sure to tunein to Starz tonight for the season premiere of Blunt Talk!

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