Will there be a Star Trek 4?


Star Trek 4 has gotten a lot of buzz, but we still don’t know for sure if we’ll be seeing a fourth movie in the Kelvin Timeline.

Star Trek 4 isn’t a sure thing yet. Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine are under contract for one more Kelvin timeline Star Trek film. The stars of the Kelvin timeline have also said that they think that Star Trek 4 is going to happen, but they don’t know anything else about the film.

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In a world where we have a Marvel cinematic universe that plans out movies six years in advance it’s hard to see how Star Trek 4 doesn’t have more solid plans in place. Paramount however is going through some changes with a new CEO taking the helm. This means that he may or may not want to keep putting money into Paramount’s big franchises. Besides Star Trek the other big franchise in the Paramount arsenal is of course Transformers. Neither Transformers or Kelvin timeline Star Trek has lived up to the production of franchises like Marvel or Star Wars, but they have made money. Paramount is obviously not going to stop working with the one solid major franchise they have in Star Trek, but perhaps they are going to reboot it.

Rebooting has become a regular thing in Hollywood when a franchise starts to lag, it’s seemingly continually happening to Spiderman and the Fantastic Four. If Paramount is going to reboot Star Trek we would like to see one more Kelvin Timeline film before that happens. Obviously the Kelvin Timeline needs to be wrapped up, and with William Shatner saying he would play Kirk one more time there’s a big opportunity to do that.

What we don’t want is to see Star Trek become the D.C. cinematic universe with a bunch of dead ends and seemingly no plan. CBS has been failing with Star Trek on television so let’s hope Paramount does a better job handling their half of the greatest science fiction franchise of all time.

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