Star Trek: Prodigy finally gets a proper trailer release

Pictured: Brett Gray as Dal of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved.
Pictured: Brett Gray as Dal of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved. /

Star Trek: Prodigy has its first full-trailer released on Star Trek Day.

Star Trek: Prodigy has a full trailer, finally. The new animated series will debut on Paramount+ soon, and it’s been a show fans have been waiting patiently to see more of. With the trailer, we get a bit more information but unlike Strange New Worlds or Picard’s second season, fans know quite a bit about Prodigy already.

The trailer did give fans a bigger look at the animation the show will use and also gave a brief look at the show’s personality.

The animation of the series is wonderful, and unlike Lower Decks which is a shameless Rick and Morty clone, Prodigy has a sense all its own. It’s cartoonish in some of the presentations, maybe even drawing inspiration from anime, but the style and glossy-looking character models really give it a unique tone.

The trailer itself is steeped in humor, some of it landing, some of it not but all of it an attempt to be a different type of show than Lower Decks. While Lower Decks feels like you’re living from one joke to the next, Prodigy seemingly has been given time to breathe, in that it isn’t just punchline after punchline. It does have a lot of humor in the trailer, but you can tell this show is going to be far more than just a comedy highlight reel.

Star Trek: Prodigy has an all-star cast of talent

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The show is built around an ensemble cast with Brett Gray as Dal and Ella Purnell as Gwyn at the heart of it. Angus Imrie will play Zero, Jason Mantzoukas is Jankom Pog. Dee Bradley Baker is voicing Murf, while Ryle Alazraqu will play Roh-Tahk.

The villains for the show include John Noble as the main villain Diviner, and Jimmi Simpson will play Diviner’s most loyal lethal enforcer Drednok

Of course, by now everyone knows about Kate Mulgrew and Robert Beltran returning to the series. Mulgrew is playing the Emergency Command Hologram, designed to look and sound like Mulgrew’s character from Voyager, Kathryne Janeway. Robert Beltran, another Voyager alum, is also set to return to the franchise as well as Chakotay.

Lastly, former Next Generation rogue Thadiun Okona will return to the franchise, voiced by the Rocketeer himself, Billy Campbell, who is also returning to the franchise.

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