Star Trek Discovery won’t be a third Trek timeline


Despite conjecture to the contrary Star Trek Discovery will be set in the prime timeline.

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A new article by Inverse has the Trek world all up in arms with it’s speculation that Star Trek Discovery will be in a third new Star Trek timeline. This is absolutely not the case, and we know this because Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller said…

"“It is in the prime timeline.”"

So Star Trek Discovery is in the prime timeline. It of course only makes sense that CBS would have Discovery in the prime timeline, as they own most of the other properties set in that timeline.

The article that started this whole three Trek timelines kerfuffle bases most of its premise on two things, both of which are just flat out silly. First the article argues that there are already inconsistencies in Trek and between timelines and shows… well duh, it’s a massive franchise owned by two companies.

The second part of the argument is that comic books have multiple universes, so why not Trek. This doesn’t really hold water either because comic books are so far from television as a medium. Also no one should take cues from DC, the DC universe is a terrible mess.

The fact is that Star Trek Discovery will be in the prime universe, and if Viacom and CBS merge… Well, that might spark my theory on how Star Trek 4 is going to heal the timelines back into one anyway.

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