Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean is Civilization VI’s Leonard Nimoy


Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean will be the narrator for Civilization VI, but can he live up to the standard set in Civilization IV by Leonard Nimoy?

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Civilization IV was an all time great strategy game, even coming from Civilization standards. The gameplay was a great, the new features were wonderful, the music was outstanding, and of course Leonard Nimoy was the narrator. Leonard Nimoy’s narration was the cherry on top of a truly wonderful game.

This was just outstanding in every way.

Now Civilization VI looks poised to become the next great Civilization game and they are swinging for the fences once again by bringing in Sean Bean as the narrator. I’m unsure if anyone could actually live up to the job Leonard Nimoy did in Civilization IV, but if anyone could it would be Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark.

It’s a really smart move for Civ to bring in a voice like Sean Bean who will not only do an incredible job, but also makes nerds like myself get excited with his mere presence.

Time will tell if Civilization VI lives up to the hype, but this is a pretty good start.

I may even avoid skipping the leader intros…

I am a little worried that the narrator is going to die halfway through the game now though…

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