Kansas marching band forms the Enterprise and fires phasers


Watch the Kansas marching band form an Enterprise and destroyed a romulan warbird during their halftime performance at the TCU game.

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We’ve seen some very cool Star Trek themed halftime shows before, but this might be the best yet. The University of Kansas Marching Jayhawks form an Enterprise while playing the theme to 2009’s Star Trek movie and destroys what appears to be a Romulan Warbird.

You have to see this for yourself, prepare to boldly march into halftime. There’s also some great Star Wars music in there, but you can jump to the 3:30 minute mark to see the Star Trek segment of the show.

That’s just spectacular. I’m particularly impressed with the spinning nacelles made of red flags. The attention to detail is just really very impressive, they even went so far as to have the Romulan Warbird exploding and the phaser beams ending.

I’m a fan of all marching band shows (I’m no Clay Travis), but I particularly love shows like this, that touch on pop culture. It’s just so much fun for the crowd to see performances full of things they recognize. The music is important as always, but pop culture shows have something for everyone. We need more marching bands doing Star Trek shows, it’s truly what America’s halftimes need.

As for the University of Kansas Marching Jayhawks, all we can say is well done and live long and prosper!

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