Star Trek vs. Star Wars dance-off


The Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate has taken many forms, but this might be the first time someone has tried to settle it with a dance-off.

We can debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek all day long, or we could just break out our best moves and let our dancing do the talking. A minor league team called the Fresno Grizzlies held a Star Wars night recently and some Starfleet personnel apparently decided to drop in.

When the stormtroopers and redshirts met on the field they didn’t go for their phasers and blasters though, instead they decided to bust a move.

It’s the greatest dance off in the galaxy.

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Even though the crowd voted for Star Wars over Star Trek we have to admit that was pretty great. Minor league baseball between inning entertainment never disappoints.

Obviously dancing can’t truly decide this greatest of nerd debates. You have to use logic, not some hokey gimmick if you want to get to the truth here. If you ask Bill Nye, or a world renowned legal scholar, or even the folks over at Screen Junkies you’ll know that in truth it’s always Star Trek over Star Wars. This is because although we love Star Wars, Star Trek is the greatest science fiction franchise. 

If you’re more of a Star Wars fan though that’s ok. We as Trekkies believe in the prime directive and will not interfere with your less advanced civilization.

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